Power Spins Atomic 8's Slots

While the heart and the height of the atomic age, has long since come and gone, Microgaming allows you to get a glimpse and glimmer from a safe distance with Power Spins Atomic 8’s. This five reel, animated wonder that comes with 9 pay lines. The power of nuclear activity is on full display, all throughout the game. There is even power spins in this nuclear age wonder.

Microgaming Keeps On Doing It’s Thing

When it comes to Microgaming, what more can you say? Actually a whole lot to be honest. While other more renown gaming engines like Real Time Gaming and Betsoft, continue to be front and center, it would be a huge mistake, to sell short the wonders and the power of Microgaming. They more than continue to step up to the plate with their special slate of intricate, five reel games that are visual stunners. Microgaming takes full advantage of the flash engine to bring forth these visual gems. Flash makes it possible for you to either stream these games, or for you to download them to your computer, or the mobile device of your choice.

Practice Makes Perfect

Take your time and ease into this unique, atomic age slot game by playing some practice rounds for Power Spins Atomic 8’s. When you play in the demo version, you will have access to all the tremendous game functions, but you won’t be able to win real money in the process.

Get Into The Atomic Theme

Every detail, including the game reels, puts you firmly in the heart of the Atomic Age. The icons also reflect the might of the Atomic Age.

A Neat Design

With so much detail going on, it is easy to overlook that Power Spins Atomic 8’s. There is of course a spin button where you can make your own spins, as well as an auto play button should you want to make your bets in a series in advance. There are even pay line arrows and coin size buttons to help you get your bet right. And at anytime you want to review the game icons, you can easily press the pay table button.

What Type Of Game Is Power Spins Atomic 8’s?

Well, there is a neat bonus round, but at this time, there doesn’t appear to be a progressive jackpot that can be won at the end of your spin.

Atomic Pay Lines

There are nine adjustable pay lines. You can bet on one of them, all of them, or anything in between through the pay line arrows.

Don’t Forget About The Coin Sizes

And just like you can fix the pay lines to your liking, you can adjust the coin size too. The minimum bet per spins is a penny. The maximum bet per spin is $90.

It’s All In The Pay Table

And again, anytime you are in need to review the game icons, all you have to do is press the pay table button, and all will be revealed to you. Some of the key icons include the actual Atomic wild. This wild will not just double your wins, but will reward you with up to 8,000 credits for getting all five of them on the pay line. The number 8 makes its presence felt too. In fact, there are three different number 8’s. The red number 8’s can shell out 20,000 credits for getting all five of them on the pay line. The gray ones return 10,000 credits and the blue ones, will shell out 5,000 credits for getting all five of them on the reels. The bars also make you win in force as well, including triple bars, double bars and single bars. This game will reward you by getting a trio of the same icons from the left of the reels to the right, or vice versa. The other important game icons include cherries which tends to land with the most frequency, and scatter symbols.

The Bonus…

While most five reel games come stacked with bonuses, Power Spins Atomic 8’s, keeps things simple by only featuring the power spins.

Bring On The Power Spins

There are free spins, and then there are power spins. When it comes to the power spins, if you wager a little more, say up to 3 times your bet, they will pay out on both sides of the reel.

The Return To Player

Is on your side. Simply put, the more wagers you make, the more the return to player will work on your side and in your favor. Bet with confidence.

Become The Next Big Winner

The stage is set for you to become the next big winner when you play Power Spins Atomic 8’s. The game is setup for you to win. On top of that, you can find many promotions to help you get into the game as well. New members can find generous welcome packages at the online casino that is hosting Power Spins Atomic 8’s. For regular members, you can normally rely on sizzling daily promotions and weekly cashback promotions. You might even find third party promotions like no deposits and free spins to help you set things off with Power Spins Atomic 8’s.

Playing For The Heck Of It

Again, take your time to get to know this unique, slot game by Microgaming. You are more than welcome to try some practice rounds. And again, you might find some third party promotions like no free spins and no deposit promotions where you can get into the atomic age for free, and when for real.

When You’re Ready To Make A Real Bet

That won’t be a problem at all. The online casino that is hosting Power Spins Atomic 8’s, is sure to have many options for you to quickly get into the game. The usual methods normally includes credit cards. Before using credit and debit cards, you will need to fill out a credit card authorization form to be submitted to the cashier for approval. When using these forms, you will need to prove your residence and identification in this regard. Credit cards will process your deposits instantly. You can also normally use the e wallets, Neteller and Skrill. Both of these services will also process deposits instantly. You will need an email address to use these services. In addition to all of that, you might be able to use Bitcoin to make your deposits too. Bitcoin is the top crypto currency in the world. Bypassing any need to go through any banks, all you need with Bitcoin is a Bitcoin wallet to handle your transactions. There are many Bitcoin wallets out there on the market to choose from. Once you’ve made your selection, the next step is to head to convert some funds into it.

Playing On Mobile

You don’t have to be pinned at your personal computer to set things off with Power Spins Atomic 8’s. This game comes ready to rock n’ roll on whatever mobile device you choose to play on. No need to create a new account, simply login and pickup right where you left off on your mobile device.

Is There A Rating?

There is no official rating when it comes to Power Spins Atomic 8's, but it does come with rave reviews from all around the internet, casino world.