Mega Money Multiplier Slots

Microgaming deserves the credit when it comes to Mega Money Multiplier Slots, a charming, but highly lucrative three reel slot game where the title says it all. Experience the classic Las Vegas style of slot game with Mega Money Multiplier Slots. To help you get the most bang for your buck, this title comes with nine pay lines. And to help make it more than worth your while, there is a high powered free spins round.

Why Microgaming Deserves Praise

While there are many more well established and heralded gaming engines, it would be a supreme mistake to overlook, if not completely ignore the might of Microgaming. Microgaming in the time that it has been online, has produced and interesting mix of captivating five reel slot games, both animated and visually sharp, not to mention three reel games such as Mega Money Multiplier Slots. And to help bring these unique games to life, Microgaming uses the special talents of the mighty flash engine to bring home the true greatness of the games. Flash uses a special compression where you get supreme graphical detail with no visible loss. Flash also makes it possible for you to either play it straight online, or you can download it to your personal computer or the mobile device of your choice.

Practice Makes Perfect

We know that the allure to start building your fortune can be overcoming, but rest assured, Mega Money Multiplier Slots, gives you plenty of ways for you to get into the flow of the game without wagering real money. The game comes fully optimized and designed for you to play some practice rounds so you can get the feel of the game, without wagering actual money.

Money Is The Theme

For The Love Of Money, as sung by the legendary music group, The O’Jays, is on full display. All of the icons, the design and the reels is about making money, and making more money off the money that you already have.

A Very Savvy Game

And while there is no doubt you are seeing all the dollar signs, Mega Money Multiplier Slots has all the rudimentary features you need to get going making mega money. There is of course a spin and auto spin button, that gives you complete flexibility to make your own bets, or set them up through auto play mode. There is a pay line arrow to adjust individual pay lines. There are also max credit buttons to help you go for the whole shebang on each and every spin.

What Type Of Game Is It?

Mega Money Multiplier, is a high stakes game where you have many opportunities to maximize your wins with exciting winning multipliers. There is also a robust free spins round.

It’s All In The Pay Lines

There are nine adjustable pay lines when it comes to Mega Money Multiplier Slots. You are able to bet on one them, all of them, or anything in between. The choice is completely yours. All you have to do is adjust the pay line arrows to your liking.

The Coin Size Too

And just like you can adjust the number of pay lines, you can easily fix the coins size bet to even begin the mega money process. The coin size buttons lets you adjust the coin size in increments of a nickel. The minimum bet to get things going, is a penny. The maximum bet per spin, is $150.

The Power Of The Pay Table

And to help you keep abreast of all the important icons that will lead you to mega money, there is an info button that breaks down all of the important game icons and their respective amounts. The number seven makes a strong presence on the reels. The red seven is by far king here, shelling out 40 credits. The purple sevens are also nice here too, rewarding you 35 credits. The vintage bars are also here too. There are triple bars, double bars and single bars too. They pay out quite nicely. But the real hall mark of Mega Money Multiplier Slots, are the different multipliers, all of whom come with their set of winning multipliers. By far, the king of the multipliers, is the almighty 5x. Getting the 5x to land along with two of the two time winning multipliers will produce the jackpot of 10,000 credits.

The four times winning multiplier sandwiched between two multipliers, will reward you with 5,000 credits. The three time and two time winning multipliers, will also pay out quite nicely too. Also keep in mind for the special winning multipliers, which will only land on the second reel. In fact, the wilds continue to rack up even more. Simply put, a five times and a two times winning multiplier will reward you with a 20 times winning multiplier. A four times winning multiplier, in tandem with a two times winning multiplier, is good for a 16 times winning multiplier. A three times winning multiplier with a two times one, will produce a 12 times winning multiplier. A simple two times winning multiplier is good for an 8 times winning multiplier.

Bring On The Bonus

There are no additional bonus rounds when it comes to Mega Money Winning Multiplier.

The Free Spins

To get into the re spins aspect of things, you will need to land at least two wild multipliers on the reel. When this happens, the middle reel stays intact, while the other reels move.

A Nice Return To Player

Nobody likes to lose, but it comes with the territory. Don’t lose heart, the more you wager, the more you will get back in return to make things worth your while.

Is There A Rating?

There is no official rating involved with Mega Money Multiplier Slots. It is nice clean fun that doesn’t come with any mature content.

Could You Be The Next Big Winner?

Well, the online casino that you are playing Mega Money Multiplier Slots, is bound to have many ways for you to become the next big winner indeed. Newcomers for example, are bound to have a very generous welcome package that will give you ample funds to help you win something for real. In some instances, there might also be some free spins attached to it as well which can lead to mega wins for free. Regular members can avail themselves with cash back bonuses which can also help you get into the game for free and win for real.

Just Playing Around

You might also be able to find some third party promotions like no deposits and free spins, where you can also play for free and win for real as well.

When You Are Ready For Real

And when you are ready to lay down a real bet, all of your options are covered. The usual ways for you to make your bet, includes major credit and debit cards. Prior to using them, you will need to fill out a credit card authorization form to be submitted to the cashier for approval. You can also use the e wallet services like Neteller and Skrill. You will need an email address to use these services. And depending on the online casino, you might even be able to use Bitcoin to make your deposits. For those who don’t know, Bitcoin is the world’s number one crypto currency in more ways than one. Purely digital, Bitcoin, bypasses the need to go throw banks. Instead, all you need is a valid Bitcoin wallet to handle your transactions. There are many Bitcoin wallets out there on the market. Once you’ve made your choice, the next step is to convert some funds into Bitcoin, and then head to the cashier. In addition to Bitcoin, you might also be able to use additional crypto currencies like Litecoin and Ethereum to make your transactions. Both of these crypto currencies operate the same way.

Mega Money On The Phone

The fun doesn’t stop when you leave your personal computer. You can easily pickup right where you left off on the mobile device of your choice or your laptop. Simply login at the online casino you are playing Mega Money Multiplier Slots and away you go. Also, the online casino that you are playing it at, may have a special mobile section for further ease. Also, there maybe an app you can install and download to your mobile device.