The Argyle Open Slots

Grab a sweater – an Argyle sweater, of course – and get ready to take a swing at this game. That should provide you with a clue of the theme here, and yes, we are in the world of golf for this one. It is known for having people with great jumpers on, so let’s see if those colorful knits will bring us any luck, shall we?

Reels and lines

The five-reel format gives us enough room to play on 40 lines, especially since each of those reels brings in four icons with each spin.

Coins to play with

One penny will get you started on each line. Indeed, the top bet is just five cents per coin. You are permitted to increase your coins to a maximum of 10 per line though, so that opens the way for more versatile betting.

The Argyle Open icons to look for

The logo for The Argyle Open is used as a wild symbol. This can appear in stacks on the reels as well. That means there is a good chance of finding several in one spin.

The hole every golfer wants to sink the ball in appears as the scatter symbol. This is connected to one of the best parts of the game.

Bonus possibilities

Three scattered holes will get you access to the Tournament bonus. This takes place over three stages, so it lasts a while. To begin, you need to select a golfer and take your shot to win a prize. The better that shot is, the bigger the resulting coin win will be.

You then take a shot from where the ball landed to head along the fairway. This will bring you another prize – and again, the better the shot is, the better the resulting prize is too.

Finally, you must try and sink the ball in the hole. This stage will reward you with some free games and an associated multiplier. The better the result – as in the other stages – the better the prize. The best would be to win 20 free spins and a generous 5x boost to every prize won.

Download and play The Argyle Open slot now

Don’t you just love this game? It gives you a shot at a nice golfing theme we think you will love, even if you don’t play the game for real. Shout ‘Fore!’ and give it a try today.