Thunderstruck Slots

These days, Norse mythology appears to be everywhere, and for good reason. Taking full advantage of the Norse Mythology craze, Microgaming once more focuses on the power of the mighty Thor, the Viking God of thunder. All nine pay lines reflect the awesome power of the mighty Thor. Featuring awesome winning multiplier, free spins and vivid details, Microgaming presents Thunderstruck Slots.

Microgaming - The Gaming Engine That Could

While other and more renown gaming engines continue to garner major fanfare, it would be a mistake to overlook and underrate, Microgaming. Microgmaing more than holds its own when it comes to the visually crisp and highly detailed games. Many of these games are involved with soundtracks and bonus rounds as well. Microgaming lends its talents with the awesome power of the flash engine. Flash gives you the ability to either play these games straight online, or you can download them to your personal computer, or the mobile device of your choice.

Practice Play Awaits

Microgaming is full of surprises, but what isn't a surprise is the neat option of being able to play the games in demo mode, without having to wager a single cent. In demo mode, all of the game's features are available, but you won't be able to win real money in the process.

A True Viking Theme

Thunderstruck gives you the full Viking experience, from start to finish. Witness the power of the Mighty Thor who is displayed all throughout the game. All of the game icons are in the likeness of the mighty Thor and other aspects of Viking mythology.

A Cool Design

With all the cool graphics, Thunderstruck Slots is still a fundamentally sound game with all the necessary tools for you to play. There is a spin button so you can make your own bets, and there is an auto play button for those who want to make their bets in advance in a series. There are pay lines and coin size buttons to help you get your bets just right too. There is a pay table button to go over icons and a whole lot more, right on the game screen.

What Type Of Slot Is Thunderstruck Slots?

A lot of things actually. Thunderstruck does come with a nice free spins round.

God Driven Pay Lines

Thunderstruck comes with 9 adjustable pay lines. You can wager on one of them, all of them, or anything in between, thanks to pay line arrows.

The Same Is True For The Coin Bet Arrows

And just like you can adjust the number of the pay lines, you can easily fix the coin size to your liking. The minimum bet per spin is a penny. You can adjust the values in increments of a nickel. The maximum bet per spin is $45.

The Power Of The Pay Table

And whenever you are ready or in need to review the game icons, all you have to do is press the pay table button and away you go. There are many important icons, but none bigger than Thor himself. He is the official wild in the game. Not only will he double winning combinations when the lands, he will bring home the top amount during regular game play. Get an entire row of him to reward you with 10,000 credits. Next to Thor, you will want to pray to Father Odin for the golden head rams to land, for they are the key to the free spins round. Get at least three of them to land, and you will play with 15 free spins. Wins during the free spins round are tripled, plus you will have the option of amassing more free spins as well.

Thor's hammer is a major force as well. It will reward you with 750 credits for getting five of them on the pay line. The aim is to get three of a like symbol to land on the pay line to score a victory.

The Bonus…

While many games have an intricate bonus round, Thunderstruck Slots keeps things simple. Outside of the free spins round, there are no additional bonus rounds.

Powerful Free Spins

As we mentioned before, the rams are the key to getting into the free spins round. Once you get here, you will play with 15 free spins with a triple winning multiplier. And yes, you can earn more free spins with another trio of rams.

The Return To Player

Nobody likes to lose, but it is apart of gambling. Don't worry. The more you wager, the more you will see a nice return to you.

The Rating

There is no official rating involved with Thunderstruck Slots. It is highly popular among the Internet circles with raving reviews.

Could You Be The Next Big Winner?

Well, the casino that you are playing Thunderstruck at, certainly thinks so. Most online casinos that host this game, is bound to have many promotional options to help you get the most out of this unique, Nordic style slot game. New members can count on generous welcome packages, while seasoned veterans are in line for cashback promotions and other reload bonuses.

Just Playing Around

You might be able to find some third party promotions like no deposit bonuses and free spins where you can play for free and actually win real money in the process.

When You Are Ready To Play For Real…

That won't be a problem at all. All of the online casinos that host Thunderstruck Slots, will have many options to do so. You can count on traditional credit and debit cards to make your deposits. Prior to using these cards, you will need to fill out a credit card authorization form to be submitted to the cashier for approval. Other options tend to be Neteller and Skrill. And depending on the online casino, you might even be able to use Bitcoin.

Playing On The Go

You can get struck anytime you want with Thunderstruck Slots. In fact, you can even play this unique slot even in the palm of your hand on your smart phone.