Split Symbols

Have you ever played a slot game with symbols that show two icons on them? There aren’t too many of them around, but when you do spot one you might want to give it a try. Split symbols mean you get some additional winning opportunities to look forward to. Here, we discover more about the potential to do this.

One symbol will count as two when appearing in a single position

Most slots have one item representing each icon. For the sake of our example, let’s suppose your chosen slot has a symbol shown as a cat. If that slot includes split symbols, you might also see a similar symbol showing two cats on it. That would count as two icons. So, if you got an icon with two cats on the first reel and the same line had an icon featuring one cat on the second reel, you would win a three-icon prize for it. That holds true even though you only have matching symbols on the first two reels instead of three or more.

The more you see, the bigger the potential for more prizes

So Many Monsters by Microgaming is a great example of how this works. The monsters can appear singly on a reel icon. They can also appear in twos and even larger groups. The best you can hope for is an icon with five identical monsters on it (hence the title). This five-reel slot could deliver five of those five-monster icons on a line. That would mean you’d get a payout for finding 25 monsters on a line. How cool is that?!

You could win with up to 10 symbols on a single line

If you are playing a five-reel slot game with split symbols involved, the usual best-case scenario would be to win with a five-symbol match on a paid line. However, if split symbols are involved in the game, you stand a chance of getting five of those symbols to complete the same line. Since each symbol will be counted as two icons, you would win a prize for getting 10 of those identical symbols on that line. As you can imagine, games featuring such symbols have bigger potential prizes to shoot for. There may not be dozens of these games to play, but it’s worth searching for the ones that qualify.