Bar Bar Black Sheep Slots

Bar Bar Black Sheep Slots
In most cases, nobody would want to be the black sheep of the family, but when it comes to Bar Bar Black Sheep slots, this black sheep makes everything worthwhile. This game is a throwback to all the fanfare and the allure of vintage slot games, in the sense that it is also a three reel game with a single pay line of everything that you need. There are special wilds involved here as well to go along with a very nice, country loving, winning multiplier.

Why Microgaming Is A Factor

Although a relative newcomer to the online casino scene, Microgaming is fast carving a niche in the online, casino scene. While other more established gaming engines, like Real Time Gaming, Betsoft and Rival specialize in jaw dropping, visually stunning games, whatever you do, don’t sell short the power of the gaming detail when it comes to Microgaming. Their games, which are mostly in the five reel variety, range from super sharp, animated wonders, to almost cinematic like detail with their games. To help put all of this together, Microgaming uses the power of the flash engine to help get you up and running in this regard.

Getting Some Practice Play In

Bar Bar Black Sheep, is hosted at many online casinos. Most of these casino, plus with the way with the game is designed, will give you the opportunity to play some practice rounds, to get the feel of the game, before you actually wager real money. All of the features of the game are available in demo mode, but you won’t be able to win real money for doing so.

A Special Theme

Country living is front and center when it comes to Bar Bar Black Sheep. In fact, the game play takes you right onto the farm itself. In fact, the sheep of the hour, is right there on display. We’re talking none other than the black sheep. The fonts and the game icons, all reflect this cute, off humored, country loving game.

A Unique Design

At the end of the day, Bar Bar Black Sheep, is a very solid game that has all the pertinent game functions at your fingertips. You have the spin button of course to make your own spins, but there is also an auto play button to help you make your bets in a sequence. There are even single credit and max credit buttons to further assist you in that regard. The pay table is also on the game screen too.

What Type Of Game Is Bar Bar Black Sheep Slots?

For starters, this is a three coin game, so the amount you wager, will determine how much you will win. The top jackpot to be won here, is 1,600 coins. Outside of that, there aren’t any other bonus rounds or free spins, that you might find in other slot games, including three reel games.

The Pay Lines

Bar Bar Black Sheep, only comes with one pay line, but one pay line is all that you need to get what you need. Again, this is a three coin game, so the amount you wager, will decide what you will win, including the different icons.

Getting Your Bet Right

You can fix the coin size to your liking. Thanks to the coin size buttons, you fix the value. It normally goes up in increments of a nickel. The minimum bet per spin is twenty cents, and the maximum bet per spin, is $15.

The Pay Table

Instead of a general pay button, Bar Bar Black Sheep, has all the icons on the game screen itself. The major wild symbol in the game, is the black sheep. Landing one of them, will triple winning combinations. Land one of them, with two single bars, will reward you with the top jackpot. Outside of that, the white sheep rank very high on the paying scale too. Again, the number of coins you wager, will determine if you get between 60 to 180 credits. The triple bars, double bars and single bars are nice when they land on the reels as well. In fact, you can score a combination with any three of them. The wool lands frequently too, and will pay out for landing a single one on the pay line.

The Bonuses…

Unlock regular five reel games that normally comes with extensive bonus rounds, there are no bonus rounds when it comes to Bar Bar Black Sheep.

What About The Free Spins

There are no free spins for that matter either. In fact, there is no scatter symbol in the game.

The Return To Player

Nobody likes to lose, but it comes with the territory. Don’t worry, the return to player will work in your favor the more you bet, the more will come back to you.

Become The Next Big Winner

Bar Bar Black Sheep is hosted at many online casinos. Many of these casinos will have promotions to help boost your chances of winning big win you play these games. You can expect nice welcome packages if you are signing up to this casino. Regular members can look forward to weekly cashback bonuses and even free spins.

Playing Around

Again, you can play some practice rounds to get to know this game. It is possible from time to time, to find some thirty party promotions, like free spins and no deposit bonuses to play this game for free and actually stand to win real money in the process.

When You Are Ready To Play For Real

That is easy. Many of the online casinos that host Bar Bar Black Sheep, will have many ways for you to make your deposit. The usual methods include major credit cards and debit cards. You will need to fill out a credit card authorization form to be submitted to the cashier for approval. There are also e wallets to make your deposits. And depending on the online casino, you might even be able to use Bitcoin too.

Playing On The Mobile Phone

Bar Bar Black Sheep comes designed for the times. Whether you are on your personal computer, or on your mobile device, you can play this unique three reel slot, even in the palm of your hand.